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What to know before getting the braces

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A smile is a beautiful curve that sets everything straight. Everyone dreams of a perfectly aligned set of teeth. With new inventions and awareness among peers about child and adult orthodontics, getting braces and perfect smiles is possible without being awkward and at any age. At Channel Island Family Dental Office, dentist in Ventura, Oxnard, and Port […]

How often should I replace my toothbrush?

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A toothbrush is the most important and the first-line defence against the harmful bacteria in the mouth that can cause cavities and bad breath. We always throw out expired food, restock health supplements, and replace our self-care products but toothbrushes are the most ignored part of the daily routine. Patients frequently ask how often should […]

Why teeth turn yellow?

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Smile is one of the most important traits of personality. A bright shiny healthy smile always seems more attractive and welcoming. Yellow or dull teeth not only affect your smile but also hamper your confidence. Yellowing of teeth or discoloration usually happens gradually which makes it easy to become complacent with the change. Here at […]

How teeth whitening works?

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A beautiful smile is the most attractive trait of personality. The first thing we usually notice in a person is the pearly white smile. A white shiny smile makes one more confident and self-possessed. Before getting to know how white whitening works, let’s get to know the reasons for teeth yellowing or discoloration. The tooth […]

What to do When Your Child Loses a Tooth?

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Every milestone is your child’s life is a cause for celebration. Be it their first step, first word, or the eruption of their first tooth in the oral cavity and the first visit from the tooth fairy. When you become a parent, you are constantly confirming that your little one meets all the popular milestones […]