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What to do When Your Child Loses a Tooth?

Child Teeth care

Every milestone is your child’s life is a cause for celebration. Be it their first step, first word, or the eruption of their first tooth in the oral cavity and the first visit from the tooth fairy. When you become a parent, you are constantly confirming that your little one meets all the popular milestones […]

Why Dental Cleanings are Important?

Dental cleaning service

One of the most important and helpful treatments in dentistry is professional tooth cleanings. Before suggesting any treatment, a thorough dental cleaning will be the first to start with. The best way to ensure great dental hygiene is through proper oral health education and understanding the importance of taking good care of oral health. At […]

All-on-4 Dental Implants

There are several reasons for teeth loss. Losing one tooth or multiple,  always has a negative impact on the remaining teeth, general well being and confidence of the patient. Besides caries, trauma, infection and periodontal issues, aging is one of the most common factor for tooth loss. With rise in global life expectancy, changing dietary […]